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Arlo Ultra / SmartHub with Zigbee & Z-wave

I recently bought the Arlo Ultra combo and partially made the decision based on hearing that zigbee & z-wave was being introduced to the SmartHub later in the year which is great (mentioned in link below). This implies it will be enabled in the existing Ultra SmartHub by a firmware update when it's ready later in the year. Did I get that wrong... do they mean it will be only be available as a hardware option in newer SmartHubs released later this year?

I realize more information and an announcement will be made when this integration is closer to being available but hoping we might at least get clarification if it's not going to be in the existing hardware.


ARLO ANNOUNCES AVAILABILITY OF ARLO ULTRA 4K HDR WIRE-FREE SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM - "The flagship 4K HDR wire-free security camera system is powered by the Arlo SmartHub which will deliver additional support for Zigbee and Z-Wave compatible smart home devices later in 2019"

Model: VMS5340 | Arlo Ultra 3 Camera Kit
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