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Arlo 4k Ultra 3 camera kit - additional cameras query

Hi Everyone,


Im looking at an Arlo ultra 3 camera kit install at the moment, and with renevations to our property happening soon. I was wondering if the 3 camera kit allowed extra cameras to be added at a later date ?


Other brands i have looked at seem to be unable to have cameras added unless you buy the 4 camera kits.  Just looking for some confirmation

Model: VMS5340 | Arlo Ultra 3 Camera Kit
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brh Master

Re: Arlo 4k Ultra 3 camera kit - additional cameras query


Yes you can. I started out with 1 camera and hub then added 4 more Ultras, a Pro2 camera and a couple of my older Pro cameras.

Be advised, with the Ultra system you will want to purchase the Arlo Smart Premier subscription and if you wish to record in 4k you will also need to purchase the PVR subscription. I don't have the Basic, (now called No Plan), but from what I understand it will not work like the previous plans and you will be greatly disappointed with the system if you don't purchase the subscriptions I mentioned above. You will get a 1 year free subscription to the Smart Premier subscription, but not the PVR plan which is additional. 

All that being said, the Ultra system is a great leap forward and works great for me.



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