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5000 or 4540

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I bought 4 Ultras but haven’t decided on what flavor smart hub to get. I’m not so concerned with local storage as cloud backup is preferable. What I’m really curious about I’d the RF capabilities in the 5000. Is it a future or shipping feature. Is the range better? There’s little-to-no documentation on the proprietary RF functionality. I assume the Ultra support it but do the Pro3 support it?
Model: VMB5000 | Arlo Ultra SmartHub
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Read the spec sheets re bases;


As to the bases, TBMK, they are almost the same , have no idea that range is better on one over the other.

seems to come down to the local storage on 5000 in micro card vs 4540 uses a usb slot.

not much difference IMO.


The Ultra can use 5Ghz ( or use to as the spec sheet says 2.4 ) ... have noticed the 5000 range is now better than when first released and more stable ( may be to sw updates as hardware is same )... also yr mileage may vary based on yr home setup.


I would go with the 5000, but I like the micro card mem.



this may help;

prev questions re same from James


I apologize for the delay in response. I've consulted with the development team to gather answers each of your questions. Take a look below, I hope this helps.


Q: Does Smart base VMB4540 contain Zigbee hardware like the VMB5000 so when Phillips Hue gain "Works with Arlo" accreditation sometime in future and you guys switch in zigbee functionality I'll be able to link my Hue to Arlo without IFTTT?

A: Yes, VMB4540 contains Zigbee hardware like the VMB5000.


Q: Will you be offering local and remote access to locally stored 2K videos via the app for Pro 3 users like you have promised later this year for Ultra 4K recordings so the system will continue to be workable without a smart cloud plan?

A: Yes, this is available now.


Q: Are Ultra cameras compatible with base VMB4540. If yes... what resolution will Ultra camera recordings be stored in locally on the USB drive?

A: Yes, 1080p or 4K is optional for locally stored content.


Q: What is max USB drive size the VMB4540 can handle?

A: The maximum storage capacity for an attached USB drive is 2TB.


Q: What's the range like on the VMB4540? I'm in UK so live in a brick built house and I understand the range on the VMB5000 isn't great. Is the VMB4540 better/worse/same

A: The range variables are more related to the camera than the SmartHub or Base Station model. Pro 3 cameras perform better than Ultra at greater distances/WiFi polluted environments due to the lesser bandwidth requirement of 2K.


Q: It looks like Pro3 will store 2K on Cloud with a Smart plan. Is this correct... no extra charge for 2K?

A: Pro 3 users will get 2K cloud recordings included with their Arlo Smart subscription


Q: If 2K is going to be stored without an extra sub for Pro3 over does that mean Ultras with a Smart plan will also now save in upto 2K on Cloud without an extra cost?

A: Ultra requires a PVR subscription to store 4K content to the cloud. Without a PVR subscription, content saved to the cloud will be 1080p.

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