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Will I be able to have 5 cameras on 1 hub and have 3 on smart plan and 2 other record locally only?

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I plan on subscribing to the 5 camera plan. I actually have 10 cameras. Will I be able to for example have 5 cameras on 1 hub and have 3 of those in the smart plan and the other 2 record locally only. I would have another hub with 5 cameras and 2 would be in the smart plan and 3 local only. Is this scenario possible. Thanks

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Thhis sounds like it would work although it would help to know what model the cameras are. Anything from the Pro 2 and older still have the free 7 day plan while anything newer requires a subscription for cloud recording. You can certainly mix and match - I have some Pro and Pro 2 cameras on the free plan as well as a subscription for newer ones. This is especially true if you don't need/want Smart for all cameras (if you do want Smart for some older ones you will need a sub for them).


In addition, any camera connected to a base or hub will record to local storage. You can't pick and choose on that - all of them will record locally. 


The only thing I would point out is the particular base used - the VMB4000 and 4500 require that local storage must be safely ejected from the base to view local recordings on a computer. Any base or hub starting with the the VMB4540 allows you to use the app to see the local recordings.


Thanks for helping out, my cameras are a mixture of Pro 3’s and Ultra 4k’s.  From what you’re saying it seems like what I’m planning should work fine.  My hubs are 4540 and 5000.