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Subscription Camera Limits

Is there a hard camera limit on the hubs. Let’s say I use the Arlo Smart plan to have 30 cameras. If I am paying the $2.99/month per camera, this would come out to about $90/month. Is there anything stoping me from doing this?


Thank You

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Re: Subscription Camera Limits

Not sure of any hub limits but the Arlo Smart Elite plan maxes out at 20 cameras

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Re: Subscription Camera Limits

Even on the basic free plan there's no limit on bases, just the total number of cameras per account.

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Re: Subscription Camera Limits

@jguerdat, I know about the no limit on the bases my question was on the cameras. The first paid plan the Arlo Smart says $2.99/month per camera but it doesn’t give a camera limit like the other plans do. If I stay on the Arlo Smart plan could I theoretically have more than 20 cameras by paying $2.99/month per camera.

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Re: Subscription Camera Limits

Sorry, I misread your post.


The Premier and Elite plans include Smart for all cameras so, no, it's not $2.99 for each camera if you go with one of those plans.

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