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Smart plans are opportunistic

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Pretty disappointed that Arlo is charging so much for their smart plans. For the money all you get is cloud hosting...not any kind of additional monitoring or response service. Other cloud host providers offer the first 5-15GB of hosting for free and even after that paid storage is only a couple of bucks a month. What Arlo is asking for is just too much and opportunistic. I'd prefer they make it so that people could upload to cloud providers of choice (because most people already have an existing set up). In addition, it's just nasty that they hold you to 'smart plan' ransom by switching off software features like notifications, activity zones and detection. Those things should be part of the package when buying Arlo products not some carrot to entice you into overpriced plans. Perhaps I'd have more faith if there hadn't have been so many clunky bugs in the past but I feel like their customers are being made to pay premium prices for a beta product. I hope NetGear is listening because I was really hoping that their takeover of Arlo was going to be for the better.

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