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No Option In App To Filter Smart Notifications

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LAK1983 Tutor

I am paying for basic + smart but under settings in the Android app there is no option for managing Smart notifications where there used to be.

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Master steve_t Master

Can you see the options in the web client?

LAK1983 Tutor

I can see Manage Arlo Smart in my web browser, and my 2 cameras are in the Active Cameras section. When I click on each of them, there is this message: "Arlo Smart is active on this camera and you will receive Smart Alerts based on your notification settings. For the best experience we recommend turning ON smart notifications." And nothing else, no other messages or options.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the arlo app on my phone, and now there is the option "Package Detection: Beta -- Set up" (which is inactive and gives me no options to add cameras when I tap it), as well as the option "Call a Friend" (which I have not set up). But no option to manage notifications. I used to have it, but it's gone now and I'm completely puzzled.


The only option for managing notifications in the app is under System, which is just basic options like Notification Tone and LED color, etc.




Guru jguerdat Guru

Yer right - it's gone in my Android app, too. When I select Settings, Manage and Notifications, pick a camera, there's just a blank page displayed..



Hrdfrz Initiate

Same thing here in the Apple app and website.  

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ITNinja1 Star
This appears to be an issue for the Arlo smart subscription. All of the vehicle/people/animal options are available for an Arlo Premier subscription.
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you still seeing this behavior after updating to the latest mobile app version, 2.7.0?



LAK1983 Tutor

Better now, thanks!


Although, under "Package Detection" it doesn't allow me to move any cameras to "active"...

ITNinja1 Star
I am using an Android and have ver 2.7.0. I also have Arlo Smart per camera with two cameras using it. I receive push notifications that specify animal/person/animal/vehicle but I have no option on the app or logged into the Arlo website to disable or enable one of these four things. My father has Also Premier and I can log into his system and see these options. I don't know if this is supposed to be only available for Premier or for Smart only...
ITNinja1 Star
I assume someone has fixed this for me. My app version didn't update but when I logged onto the app I was met with a wizard to enable smart features and notifications. Once I went through it the smart functionality for targeted notifications is on my app. Thanks!!