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I'm concerned about Storage and Number of Cameras

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Given this company's history of trying to nickle and dime its customers, even if they come out with a better deal for storage and retrieval, I'm scared and skeptical. I'm hoping Eufy comes out with a better product.  How can the typical customer pay monthly fees on everything?


Do we know any details about what will be offered? Will we have access to 4K video on the backup storage? Will there be more proprietary lock in that they will get rid of at some future date? NAS support will be great but I'm willing to beat you can't use your own NAS system.


So as of yet is any cloud service free (other than the 1 year subscription)? The paid options are the only options? Its really unbelievable.  Are these people from Mars?


They are a publically traded company and not the United Way.

Their issue seems to be not being able to deliver a cohesive product portfolio without leaving the customer feeling nickel and dimed. To your point they are proving to not be worth it considering the hardware cost now.

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@JacobPressures wrote:


So as of yet is any cloud service free (other than the 1 year subscription)? The paid options are the only options?

I really have no idea what you are asking about, it is all a bit of a rant and ramble, but Ultra cameras currently need a subscription to make recordings. Anyone who wants free cloud recordings should not buy Arlo Ultra cameras.


Sadly, the whole world is moving to the subscription model. (Think Microsoft and Adobe, for example.) And someone has to pay for the cloud service where Arlo stores things.


You can also record on an HD card in the Ultra Hub.  At the moment, you have to eject the card and view recordings on another device.


I intervene only to add that Arlo has promised that it will be possible to view those on-board recordings without having to eject the card.  I don't know the technical details on how this will work. There are few clues on the timing beyond that it will happen before the free one-year's cloud account expires for the first Ultra buyers. In business speak that means Q4 this year.

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Thanks very much for the replies guys. I feel my money is better spent getting a 4K camera system with local storage. ITs not the best in cases where the house burns down but that is a very rare event. Plus any wires I run can be used on future camera systems if i decide to change systems. I can even add backup storage if i want to and save video for longer period of time. I can also video it remotely. 


Cons: I dont' ahve cloud support which i don't need. I don't have all the special features that these cameras provide but most of what we want is video. Right now I'm looking at Reolink. I can add up to 8 cameras. It costs only $550 and I'll see if it will go on sale around the 4th of July.