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How Do I Get Arlo Smart Motion Detection On Lock Screen?

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I believe I have the Arlo Smart free trial set up, but where do I go to have the motion detection just show up on my phones lock screen.



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You'd only get notifications when a person was detected. To get those, ensure that push notifications are turned on in Settings, Arlo Smart Manage and Notifications and that the phone settings for the app enable push notifications.


Yes, I rechecked to make sure that the push notifications were all turned on.  My phone does ding when motion is detected and when I open the phone it does direct me to the video.  I guess I was under the impression that when the motion was detected the first frame of the video would be showing and I could just hit that frame and the video would begin playing.  All it does now is to keep dinging until I open the phone and click on the notification.  At least that is what they show in the advertisement under Rich Notifications right from your lock screen. 

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi Islemosaic,


Is it possible to get a screen shot and post it here so we can take a look at what you are seeing when you receive the notification?


Thank You for getting back to me.  I will get you that screenshot later today


Is person detection perfect, no! Does it reduce notifications, YES !.

Atter using the trial of the Smart Plan for a week I was dissapointed that the Rich Notifications was not working!!!!!

I discovered late today that they have been, and I did not fully understand how they worked on the lock screen.

When get alert of person or whatever, you have to click on the down arrow, then down arrow again to see photo and detected person. All without unlocking the phone on my Samsung S7 Edge and Android 8.

Hope this helps someone.!

I use the Smart Watch Samsung Gear S3 daily and could see a photo with person detection highlighted on the watch, but could not get to work on the phone.

It was working but did not understand how the notifications fully worked !!!!!!

Arlo system with 7 cameras and have been using 5 cameras on free plan for 6 months or so.


Good luck All,


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