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Help - Terrible Customer Support. Said they will call but never got an update.

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Any one out there have tips for getting customer service to actually resolve your issue? I have called 3 times about my same issue, and continually am told, "we will elevate this to our tier 3 and you should get a call back in 1-2 days". I have not been called back with an update, or work around to support me. I am told "this is a new error, I haven't seen this before", and not one 'customer service agent's promise of we will keep you updated has happened. Thoughts?

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You can always post full details here.

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Hi bclarke08,


I've sent you a follow up private message to you. Hope to hear from you through PM.


The details of my issue are, at the tail end of my 'free trail' 10 days ago, I have tried to purchase and Arlo Smart Elite Plan and every time it comes up with an error of "Unable to authorize electronic payment". I have used multiple different credit cards, my credit cards work just fine on anything but and at the local stores. I have also used different web browsers, hardware devices (PC, MacBook, iPhone, etc.) and all of the different combinations. I also tried purchasing other plans, services, and it doesn't work either.  Nothing changes, I still get the same error above in an orange banner. I found a thread from last year about if you have a "free trail" active to cancel it and then it would work, since I was on my last day of 'free trial' I tried that and nothing changed. It is so frustrating to call in, get the same people tell me "we have never seen this before, we need to escalate it to tier 3, and you should get a call back in 1-2 business days" 3 -times now and I have zero follow-up. To be reasonable, considering this could be a significant issue that is complicated, I simply asked for updates, and letting me continue to use a 'free trial' until I could purchase a Smart plan. Each person I talk to says 'they don't have the authority to help me' and I asked to talk to a manager and they say 'only our tier 3' can solve the problem. There is really no 'customer support' if you don't allow the people on the phone to help anyone, you might as well call them Q&A facilitators. Empower your call center's employees.


Posted my details in comment below on post.