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Do i have to pay the extra fee for each extra camera or can i keep them local?

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i am going to end up with more than 5 cameras.  smart plan allows for 30 day cloud on 5 cameras.  do i have to pay the extra fee for each extra camera or can i keep those local.   

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station, VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station

I have the Arlo Pro 2 and I have 6 cameras. I haven't subscribed yet but I tried signing up for the plans so I first did the multiple camera plan at $9.99 and selected the 5 I wanted on that. Later it took me to a single camera plan that was discounted at about $1 and something cents so the total ended up being $11 and some change for 6 cameras on a plan. 

Now I was upset that during the App change over we were not informed that you will no longer be able to toggle between your 6 or 7 cameras like on the old App without a subscription. Now we have to pay for a plan to be able to utilize any camera above the 5 subscription free cameras. 


The other issue is the cost for purchasing over 5 cameras prior to the New App Swap. I tried removing and adding the 6th camera remotely but was not able to. You have to physically sync the 6th camera and remove one of the 5 existing ones to be able to use the 6th. Ughhh frustrating. I get that the company is trying to make a profit but they should grandfather those customers who already have more than 5 cameras to remain with the same options. 

I love the cameras but this just makes me want to look for other alternatives allowing more cameras, more convenient that cost less. We don't realize that things need improvement until run into obstacles. 

Very few companies and products remain consistent these days. They are meant to fail, to break forcing customers to spend more. I hope Arlo values our input and makes some changes to the new App and system.