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Arlo Ultra Smart Premier Plan (Legacy) continuation

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Hi everyone, I have an Ultra Hub and 4 x Ultra cameras which I purchased in July 2019 (significantly, this was prior to the new plans announced in December 2019). I obtained a 1 year trial of Smart Premier which has just recently expired. Prior to expiry I ensured my credit card details were present in my account to allow automatic renewal. This did not happen and as a result I am currently on no plan. I have read many forum posts here regarding others in similar situation to myself, and who after much effort and liaison with Arlo, were able to reinstate their smart premier plan without the need to subscribe to the new ones at a much greater cost, which obviously was why I purchased Arlo in the first place.


I contacted Arlo Support and despite initially replying and seeking further information which I provided (case 41822329), I received no follow up after a week. So tonight I have spent an hour with Arlo chat tonight (continued on the same case number 41822329)  in which they have variously advised me that my plan was cancelled and can't be reinstated (incorrect - Arlo cancelled it in error rather than renewing it), that there are no options to revert to a legacy plan (error - at least one user Akulaa was able to have it reinstated in identical circumstances to myself). Other users have spoken of being offered 30% discount on plan costs yet when I asked tonight, was advised this is just randomly provided by Arlo, yet at least 2 users on here received offers when they queried staying on their legacy plans. 


So I am just wondering if anyone has had any luck actually getting to stay on a smart premier legacy plan that supports 10 cameras etc for their Arlo Ultra? Like many other users it is disappointing that Arlo users who engaged with the company prior to the new plans being introduced are having quite different experiences in retaining these. Consistency would be ideal across all legacy users. Any advice that can be provided will be appreciated.