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Arlo Smart plan subscription failed after trial period, Arlo Support Sucks, Do not have good managnt

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My Trial time has expired and I have been trying to enrol in smart subscription plan for the last 5 days; My camera recordings are down for 5 days as I don't have a subscription. I have called multiple times to Arlo even talk with the supervisor and they are not taking responsibility even. Arlo has support to overseas and not getting the problem resolved. 

I checked the notes and this is an ongoing issue with Arlo that subscription has a problem for more than a year. 

I have tried multiple devices and even with pay pal or CC and it did not work. It says please wait with Pay pal and with Credit card it just does not take at all. 


Arlo is losing money if we are not subscribing every day? Support who cares we will let the development team and the will get back after 72 hours and now its been 5 days still I can not subscribe with Arlo smart plan.


One of the worst support I even had, I spent $ 600 couple of months ago on Arlo pro 4 and getting this support. 


If someone is ready for this from management please fix things instead of losing the business. 


Model: VMC4050P/VMC4041P | Arlo Pro 4

Yeah I still cannot subscribe. I wish I could get a refund on my cameras because they are now useless without a subscription. I'm going everywhere I can to post reviews to let people know to NOT BUY ARLO CAMERAS because they are so terrible that they can't even get their payment system figured out. It's really disheartening. We got these cameras because we have a violent neighbor and we wanted to be able to keep an eye on our house, but now I'm going to have to invest in another security system. I'm so angry. I've tried disabling security settings on Firefox, but I still get the "unable to authorize electronic payment" message. I mean they are losing money, you'd think it would be in their best interests to fix the problem, but it seems like it has been going on for a very long time.

Model: VMB4540 | Arlo Pro 3 SmartHub