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I recently signed up for the Arlo Smart Premier package.  If I understood correctly, this allowed me to have 30 days of stored video recordings.   My Arlo Pro system records great short videos when I am away from home, but I have geofencing set up for the times I am home so I don't continually get alerts every time I walk by a camera.  That said, I still wanted the ability to record while I am home.  For example, if something happens while I am home sleeping, I still want to be able to catch that on camera.  What I haven't been able to figure out is how to watch video from a specific time of day or night.  The only videos I can see are when motion causes the cameras to record when I am not home.  I was under the impression when I started paying for the Smart Premier package that I would be able to pick a time and date for a specific camera (within 30 days) and watch that video.  Is this not the case?  Please tell me that I am just missing the obivous somewhere.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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The plan does give you 30 days storage.... but it is not 24/7 unless you are using the CVR plan ( and camera on ac ).


You get all the motion activated recordings stored and can use the schedule for your home Geo setting ... so when your not awake it will record motion detected videos to the library too.

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