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Arlo Plan Changes, refuse to renew older plan - Contact ideas?

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Has anyone had any luck getting their old plan reinstated if it gets cancelled?  I have spent a large sum on these products and I noticed this week half of my cameras were not working.  Looking into this I found that my annual multi-camera plan was cancelled.  A call to customer service revealed that they had attempted to charge my annual fee but the card was expired.  No problem, I offered to give her my updated card info and was told that I would have to start a new plan that only covered 5 cameras, then I'd have to pay a set price for each additional camera. 


For full disclosure, Arlo stated they sent me an email about 2 weeks ago, but it appears that email went to a junk or spam folder as I have not seen the email they referenced.  Regardless, it appears Arlo gives no grace period nor consideration to something like this, although my autopay has worked in previous years and I have been a customer for awhile now. 


So if we want to use all of our cameras, we will have to go with a more costly plan, as they will not reinstate our former plan that just expired this month.  If I understood the customer service agent correctly, this new plan would be almost double of what I have been paying over the previous years.  


Although the customer service agent I spoke with was polite, it was apparent she had little product knowledge or decision making ability, and I'm really not confident in the accuracy of what she did tell me.  When I asked to speak with someone else to discuss these plans, I was told nobody was available. 


So curious if anyone has had a similar experience and/or if there were any other contacts or recommendations someone may have.  I couldn't even find a customer service email to send a request for review. 


Any help or ideas would be appreciated. 


If you've read through the posts on here you've seen this has happened to most everyone for at least a year now and most will tell you as I can that you won't get it back, they flat refuse.  Their new clauses agreement that takes place this month even does away with class action, or at least it is clearly stated in it.  I didn't actually look for it 2 years ago considering Netgear owned it then and I had never once had a issue with them.   As with other businesses they know an individual can't afford to fight them in court.  I gave up fighting with them and will just replace them when my extended warranty runs out.  Features like talking to someone is worthless when they have come and gone before your notification or you can't take a snapshot in live unless you turn off 4K first.  The cams are great but everything else the issue.  Going wired next since I have to run power anyway for things like the rollback, that way I can have real time security.