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Annual Smart Plan Cancelled without Notification

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I've had my Arlo cameras for 2 years now. My annual plan was just cancelled with no warning and when I tried to resubscribe I found that the annual plan is no longer an option. The cancellation email says that my payment wasn't successful but my payment account hasn't changed and I never received a notification saying it was unsuccessful (checked spam/junk folders). Support says there is nothing they can do about it because the annual plans are no longer available. Are they doing this to kick people off of the old plans?


Have the exact same issue.  We purchased the Arlo wired doorbell camera from Costco in January, 2021 with the 1 year Smart Plan included with the purchase.  The camera and Smart Plan options worked for around 2 months and have now disappeared.  Have no activity zones, etc. that the Smart Plan is suppose to include.

Arlo has dropped the ball on providing the 1 year Smart Plan agreement with Costco and I have not heard back from Arlo on what is the issue.

I will be contacting Costco and filing a complaint that Arlo is not keeping their end of the agreement with Costco and their customers with the Arlo doorbell camera that Costco is selling.

I will see about returning this camera, if Costco agrees and purchasing another companies camera instead.  Customer service is what matters and appears Arlo is not providing this service.

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Yeah, this has been an ongoing issue. The resolution is to cancel the existing subscription and re-subscribe to the new monthly plans. Many folks would prefer a yearly option...


Going on 2 1/2 years and Arlo has consistently shown that they will change what they want, when they want and matters not what you were told at purchase.  The worst thing that ever happened to Arlo was the day Netgear sold it.