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Activity Zone - Set Actions

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Message for Arlo really - something that I think would improve the catures massively.


I've had the Arlo for 2 days now and think some of it can be improved. It would be very useful if the Activity Zones (AZ) could trigger different actions. Currently the AZ only triggers an alert and capture. But what if these could be seperated.


For example. I live on a quiet street. My arlo is set to record if anyone steps onto my property but this only caputes them then and not if they are walking up to the property.  If anyone does compromise my property, I want as much footage of them as i can get and would want them as soon as the Arlo has sight for them.


Continous recording would do thid but under this, but how much battery would be used up with continous?


My thought is conditioned AZ. So My first zone would be anyone who is in sight of the Arlo. The action for this would be to start recording (saves a lot of empty recordings as youd get with continuous). The secornd zone would be on my house property which would then create an alert.


Wouldnlt this be better?

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The biggest issue is battery life. Continuous recording/streaming will drain the battery quickly. That's why AC power is required for CVR and non-Smart AZ. Given this requirement, perhaps moving the camera closer to the street or adding another one would be the best workaround.