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Do the Security Lights work when wifi is down?

My sister bought a set of wireless security lights from Costco. She doesn't yet have wifi. Will these lights work as standalone motion detectors without access to wifi? 

The test button shows that the battery is charged. The lights don't come on at all unless the button is used. 

Advice much appreciated! 


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Re: Do the Security Lights work when wifi is down?

Lights need to connect to the "bridge" that comes with them.


The bridge is just that, a bridge between the lights and your wifi.


The lights need a wifi connection to the network to do their stuff.


If you want standalone lights that detect movement and turn on, then they are available at a fraction of the cost of Arlo lights.


Search for "pir lights outdoors"

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Re: Do the Security Lights work when wifi is down?



The lights will work without communication with the bridge (for example during a power outage). If communication with the bridge is lost, the Light will utilize the last known active mode.


For more information on this, take a look here: Will my Arlo Security Light still work if I experience a power outage?



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