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Disarm Specific Arlo Security Lights?

I've searched and searched but have no idea how or if this can be done. If someone knows the answer it would be very much appreciated. 


We have multiple security light spread out aound our house. in fronf the garage, in the back yard etc. I would like to know if there is any way to disarm specific lights like you can w/ the cameras. The lights have no on/off switch in the app like the camera does. 


the issue is, is my kids like to play and ride thier bikes in front of our garage which sets of the motion detection on the light which in turn notifies me everytime they activate the detection. That means i get 100's of notifications. the same goes for the back yard when we entertain. I would only like to mute or disarm specifc lights.


antone know how to do that?

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Disarm Specific Arlo Security Lights?

custom modes should work for the lights too ( like cameras ) ( in MODES )

Add a custom mode to the Bridge for the lights so you can eliminate the front light

Look at Custom Modes in FAQs.


( basicly you split up ALL the cameras into group as needed... in this case just don't include the front light )


TIP;  any light NOT in the current mode is OFF

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