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Arlo security light activation delay

I have a 4 camera Pro 2 system and one security light set up with cross triggering so that 2 of the cameras trigger the light. The light is set to do nothing when motion is detected as the cameras are used to activate the light.

All was working great until the last couple of nights. There has been a delay of up to 15 seconds from the time the cameras tripped until the light activated which pretty much negates the purpose as I rely on the light due to deactivating night vision because of the poor video quality.

Could this be related to the wifi signal strength from the router to the bridge or general internet speed (assuming that rule applets are executed on Arlo servers)? Is there something else that I'm missing?

The bridge is located approx 6 metres from the lights and 4 metres from the router (which is behind a drywall in another room) and is elevated without obstruction. All firmware is up to date.

Any suggestions would be appreciated'

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Arlo security light activation delay

Have you rebooted the base and bridge?

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Re: Arlo security light activation delay

Hi @jguerdat,

I had rebooted the bridge but not the base. Have now rebooted base so will see what happens tonight. Thanks


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Re: Arlo security light activation delay

Ok, so all seemed well last night with one activation and the light turned on within a couple of seconds. Hopefully that continues. I might revisit my cross triggering rules and simplify them a bit too.
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