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Arlo Security Light System - ABB1000 Bridge

Can anybody please provide me with the Arlo Security Light System Bridge, (ABB 1000),  AC voltage output Specs. 

I live in a country that operates on 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz, and I want to buy my Arlo Security light system from a US supplier, as the price can be cheaper than buying in my country, (even after taking into account the exchange rate).

Whilst I am aware that the power socket configuration varies between the US and Oz.

Manufacturers often produce one power supply that operates between 115V and 240V, AC. As I presume might be the case for the Arlo SLS - ABB 1000 Bridge.

All I would need to supply is a passive Plug/Socket converter, in order to connect the bridge in OZ, should I buy the Arlo SLS off shore.

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Re: Arlo Security Light System - ABB1000 Bridge

100-240 60/50Hz .2amps 


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