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new Arlo update sux

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My Arlo app on my iPhone updated yesterday.  I am getting more and more very disappointed with Arlo.  Over the previous months the service and workings of the Arlo app has gone downhill UNLESS you SUBSCRIBE.  I started with Arlo years ago when you bought the products and it worked for free.  The cameras and base station were expensive but they worked for free.  My phone is the main unit and my wife's iPhone had admin rights and she could do almost everything I could and she would receive text message and email when a camera went off - just as I could.  Then it changed and she no longer received the text message but received the tone and the email.  Then the most recent change happened and her phone doesn't receive ANYTHING but can look at the videos - even though she still has admin rights.  I guess it is time to look for another home security camera system because I WILL NOT SUBSCRIBE to a system that started off good and has gone downhill since.  Unless, of course, if you pay them.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

There are two interfaces within the Arlo mobile app today. New accounts will see a new UI experience, this shows a "Feeds" tab across the bottom of the app. Accounts that were set up previously will show a library tab across the bottom of the app. Take a look at the app on your account and the app on your spouse's device and compare. Both accounts will need to have the same UI experience showing "Feeds"


.If your account does not show "Feeds", you will need upgrade your account UI by attempting to onboard a security system or a Pro 5 camera (even if you do not have one). Once you enter the onboarding flow for one of these products, you will be prompted to update the app to the new UI experience. After completing the upgrade, you can then leave the onboarding flow and share devices with your spouse.Please let us know if this works.


Well I downloaded the new app to my iPhone and it automatically downloaded it to my wife's iPhone too.  Went through setting things up again for Away and Home modes.  Some of there new app I like and some I don't.  I don't like that there are only 3 modes.  I had a mode to only turn the front door off and a mode to only turn off the back door - for reasons that I prefer.  Now I have to add a widget to the dashboard for the front and back door, open the desired camera then turn it off then back on again.  The other issues is that I no longer receive notifications except for the "sound".  

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The 3 modes thing is due to the new UI supporting the security system which only has 3 buttons for those modes. I suppose at some point there could be a modification that supports more modes for cameras but we haven't heard any rumblings about that so don't hold your breath.


Don't forget that you can use Standby for anything you wish - add rules as you wish.