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Why did "Arlo Smart" make the Basic (Free) plan worse?

I only recently got my camera back from an RMA request because the first one stopped turning on at all. When I hooked up this new camera I saw that is offered some weird $2.99 "smart" add-on. Well, I didn't need that since I was fine with the basic plan, but I saw that it included "motion zones". I thought that was weird too, since it was already included in basic.


Well, apparently during my hiatus from Arlo they decided to make the Arlo even less of a deal compared to competitors. The multiple zones (and better app UI) were the only reasons I chose Arlo over Wyze camera, but now they don't even have that.


If I want to continue using it as I did before I sent in the faulty unit, now it is $3/month rather than free. Because of this, it has me concerned about investing any more into the Arlo environment for home security. At least for now, I think I'll just get another Wyze camera to replace the Arlo.

Since I have cats, I have to have the "activity zones" set up to avoid dozens of notifications in a single day, so it is a must-have.

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Why did "Arlo Smart" make the Basic (Free) plan worse?

You can still set up multiple activity zones with the basic plan as the long as the camera is plugged in.  The benefit to the $2.99 is you can limit your alerts to people if you choose and the multiple zones with battery cameras.  They didn't change anything to the basic plan.

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Re: Why did "Arlo Smart" make the Basic (Free) plan worse?

Maybe this is just a bug then, but it's ignoring the activity zones and just using the entire image for motion detection.


As well, the add-on specifically states that it includes "User-defined motion zones to reduce false notifications." (See screenshot)

Due to this new add-on (that I did not see when first signing up a couple months ago), the wording of it, and the fact that it is ignoring the activity zones, it seems like this is the case.


But again, maybe I am mistaken and there is another issue I am running into.

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Re: Why did "Arlo Smart" make the Basic (Free) plan worse?

Scratch that, there also seems to be another setting I don't remember needing to set up before under the mode settings (Everywhere vs custom zones).


I will see if this addresses it, but I could have sworn I just set up the Activity Zones before and it automatically used them for motion detection without having to alter the "Armed" specific settings.


There's a lot of new settings that weren't here before, LIke 'record until activity stops". Before, it was just in time chunks and I just set it to 30 seconds since that seemed fine.

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