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Things Arlo can learn from Nest

I purchased 3 Arlo-Q cameras today to replace my Nest Dropcam Pros. My reasoning is I want to move away from Google products and I've heard nothing but good things about Arlo.


There are two deal breakers for me which prompted me to return them.


1. The inability to turn them off when I am home (via Geofencing). While I realize you can 'disarm' them, it's not the same as having them off. They are still live streaming, just not recording. I would prefer to have them in a true off state.


2. Leading in from the first, I would prefer the LED to only be on when the camera is in an armed or recording state.


In short, my ideal setup would replicate what my Nest already does.
When I'm home the cameras are off and the LED is off.
When I'm away the cameras are on and the LED is on.

Hopefully Arlo will move this direction and then I will happily make the switch! In the mean time I'll be sticking with my Nest.

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Things Arlo can learn from Nest

Hi @er123456,


We do have the privacy feature on by switching the camera on/off whenever needed. You can read here on how to use this feature: How do I use the Arlo privacy feature?  And for the LED lights, you can toggle this on and off through the Device Settings as well.


However, if you do want the LED lights and the camera to turn on/off via Geofencing, we suggest posting your idea on our Idea Exchange Board as our development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. 

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Re: Things Arlo can learn from Nest

Thanks for the suggestion @JessicaP. I will make a post over in the Idea Exchange Board.

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