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Lost Recordings, missing icons to take manual pic and video on live feed etc..

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Another App update and another set of bugs.  I have had these cameras for nearly a year and my patience is wearing thin.   When the mobile app isn't functioning properly I  alway go back the browser but flash is such a pain.  I gave up hoping they would rewrite it and get rid of it.


My experience this morning since the app update to 2.7.4.

I have two cameras both with CVR (this has its own issues that are not worth detailing here but I do wonder why they can't get the timestamp on the CVR to be the same as the timestamp on the motion clip in the library so I can navigate right to the spot in the timeline the clip was taken and see the same thing.  I actually have to move back and forth on the timeline to "hunt" for the motion that triggered the clip).


This morning the app on my iPhone has the red badge indicating there are clips in the library.  I open the app, tap on library and nothing is there.  I can't even navigate to previous days clips and I know I had clips on every day of the previous week, I even marked some of them as favorites.  I also notice that the ability to manually take a pic or video of the live feed is missing.  For a split second I actually thought that Netgear changed their policy and pulled the plug on the free storage of 7 days of clips.  That offering is really the only reason I chose Arlo over the other camera options out there so now I am feeling betrayed by Netgear but alas, it appears to be just bugs, bugs, bugs.


I open the Arlo app on my Fire Tablet and the clips are there as is the functionality to take manual pics and video.  I manually take a few pics and videos and return to my iphone app and the library is still empty.


I open Chrome, deal with the Flash warnings and the library is empty there too.  I open the live view of each camera and the manual pic and video buttons are visible so I take a few and click on library and they are all there but still nothing from the previous days.


I return to my iPhone app and the manual pics and videos I took on my fire tablet are in the library but still nothing from the previous days..  In addition the ability to take manual pics and video has returned so I take a few.


I return to Chrome and the manual pics taken on both my iPhone and Fire tablet are there but still nothing from previous 7 days.


So all I am asking is that Netgear acknowledge that they are aware of a problem with the latest app release and are working on it.  





Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

What firmware version are the cameras running? Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue?


No base station - The cameras are Q's

Latest Firmware:


Prior to calling customer support for any product I own I have to ask myself a few questions...


Is the issue still occurring so that active troubleshooting can be done?  In this case is was not

Is it worth my time? In this case is was not.  Coming to this forum and seeing another user post a similar issue was enough for me to confirm that it wasn't just me.

Can they resolve my concern (ie: can they recover my saved recordings in the 7 days prior to me downloading the latest version of the iOS app?  I doubt it)





Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio