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Arlo Video Streaming Delay of 1 Second

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I just purchased the Arlo Q camera, and when I try to stream from the camera it takes sometimes 3 seconds just to view the stream, and then all movement is on a 1 second delay. If I'm trying to catch the action and speak through the microphone (which takes another second or more to connect), the person could have completely left the frame before they hear my voice.


Is there any way to remove such a delay? I've tested other in-home wifi cameras (the Ring Doorbell for one) and there is almost no delay of video from their device/app. Both Ring and Arlo use servers (cloud) to record the video. 


I have a 50GB connection with an Apple Airport Extreme Router, the video settings are set to 360p, and I get this lag whether or not the phone is connected to the same wifi network as the camera. The camera is 20 feet from the router, and even when I place it within 3 feet, these lag times still persist.


Any help is much appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager



You can ensure best performance by making sure the WiFi signal strength is at it's maximum and limit nearby sources of possible WiFi interference. In the best conditions there may be a slight delay when live streaming due to the camera communicating with the Arlo servers.




I have a Fibre to the Home connection and still see this lag. It's may be something that improves with firmware or software updates in future but right now ~1sec lag is about the best I've achieved.