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Arlo Q won't Work After Installing Orbi RBK50 Router & Satellite.

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Scriv Aspirant
I just installed a Netgear Orbi AC3000 RBK50 system with a router and a satellite unit. The three Netgear Battery driven Arlo Pro 2 cameras I have are working fine, but the mains-powered Arlo Q 1080 HD has stopped working, won’t sync and won’t give me any clues about how to fix it. 
I have read on the net that many users have experienced the same problem with this mains powered Q camera. 
What is afoot and how do I fix it?
Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
Master steve_t Master

Is there a step in the add device menu for the Q that you can manually enter the SSID and password?

Guru TomMac Guru

The Q and Baby work fine on my Orbi 50... check the password as there use to be an issue with not normal charactors. (thought this was fixed )


As to the syncing, the ssid and pw are entered during setup and it puts a code box on the screen which the camera reads .

( try and do this on the web if you doing on an app )

Also, you could try a reset of the Q then sync ( hold in reset till led flashes amber  (10 sec ) then resync )

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Dolly1 Aspirant

I also am having the same problem, but I upgraded modeums from a 40 to 80 in speed and now can't get the cameras to work.  I have called the help desk and no help.  I did try to look up the password and ssid but my model isn't listed.

Guru jguerdat Guru

It would appear that you have a combined modem/router - is that correct? I don't know what you mean by upgrading from a 40 to an 80 - is that a model number or Internet speed? Who owns the modem/router? If it's the ISP, ask them for the credentials for your WiFi. I would have thought that they provided that upon installation.


You may need a local computer/network resource to help you figure this out.

Dolly1 Aspirant

ok once again yes this is a Centurylink modeum.  I upgraded the internet speed from 40 megs to 80 megs.  After doing everything you could find on support I had my ISP come back out here and we confirmed it was not their modeum.  You can't get an answer from support here in the USA but only from abroad and it's hard to get what your problem is across to them.  The problem is with Arlo.

Guru jguerdat Guru

It's rather unlikely it's Arlo. The use of satellite service is a bit unusual in the normal range of network connections.  Centruylink is the ISP, not the manufacturer of the modem/router. You need to provide us with specific technical information - get your ISP to help.


Your alternative is to call support: