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Arlo Q wired for power or network?

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odhinswarrior Follower

Before I go ahead and order the Q or the Q Plus...

I am just curious if the Arlo Q has to be wired for power or network.

I see one cable coming out of back from the Arlo Q on pics, but nowhere do they state if the camera connects via Wi-Fi and just need to be connected to power source.

If indeed it only needs power and connects by WiFi for the network connectivity, then what is the purpose of the Arlo Q Plus?

Thank you


Guru jguerdat Guru

Bothe Q cameras require constant AC power. However, the Q Plus can use PoE to supply that power as well as the ability to use Ethernet for the connection instead of only WiFi. In addition, The Q Plus can locally record videos for the event that network access is lost.