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Arlo Q issues, getting status, Geofencing and Arlo Smart problems

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Here is my setup:

Arlo home base with two connected arlo pro cameras outside(both full signal) and an Arlo Q, 10-15 foot away wirelessly connected with full signal. My internet in the house is fast enough(25 down, 10 Up).


Here are the issues:

1) The Arlo Q gets stuck at "Getting Status" for a long, long time. No issues with the connection to the base and I can at anytime while it is "Getting Status", connect and view live video on the camera. 


2) The Geofencing sucks and hardly ever works correctly. I have tried multiple phones/brands and set everything they way it is supposed to be setup(location always on with GPS/WiFi/BT, etc.) and the system still cant decide when I am home and away. Right this very second, all of my cameras are on geofencing and the arlo q thinks I am home even when I only have on device selected(Enabled) and it says "Unavailable" so you would think that it would default to AWAY. The other cameras are on geofencing and are currently away as they should be. 


3) I had Arlo Smart connected for the first month(free trial) and it never worked well. They should give away that piece of crap software for free.


Those are just some of the basic functionality issues I am having but in addition to those, there are other annoying things, but I  wont list those as I have just chalked it up to overall poor quality(you get what you pay for). I just wished the basic use features actually worked as advertised. 



If I had to do it all over again, I would absolutly not buy this system. I do not recommend this unless you enjoy frustration. 



Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Community Manager



Some of the symptoms you describe with status and Geofencing could be due to mobile device settings. Some users have describe issues like this when battery saving settings are enabled. Consider disabling battery saving settings or add the Arlo app as an exception so it is not automatically force closed by the mobile device.


Arlo Smart is powered by modern machine learning algorithms that are always improving. These algorithms are trained to not only detect what caused the motion (Person, for example), but also determine how confident they are in making that identification. If the algorithm is not very confident, Arlo asks you to confirm if it is a person or not. Every time you answer these questions, you are helping to train the Arlo Smart machine learning algorithm to recognize more objects at a higher precision and send you even better alerts.