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Arlo Q Video Has No Sound

For nearly a year, the videos on Arlo Q won't play.  The community says it plays on IE or Edge but not Chrome (I use Chrome).  I tried IE and Edge and videos don't play there either.  I finally tried Firefox!  Firefox works as far as all videos now play!  HOWEVER, there is no sound on some of the videos (at least a third of the videos)....which leads me to believe these are the same videos that won't play on Chrome, IE or Edge.  So I can now view all the videos (so far...fingers crossed)...yet no sound!  Seriously, this is getting so old!  I"m thinking to get a Nest indoor camera to supplement (or make primary) to the Arlo Q.  Any suggestions???

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Arlo Q Video Has No Sound

I can use any current browser (Chrome, FF and Edge) to play videos with sound in the library. Are your browsers and OS all up to date?

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Re: Arlo Q video no sound

yes, all browswers are up to date.  my arlo pro cameras are fine and all play with no problems.  it's only the Arlo Q that always has problems.

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