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Arlo Q - Camera Makes deep sound after chime

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I have 2 Arlo Q cameras.  One was successfully added to my network. 

The second one wll go through the setup process normally and even i even get the chime.  But the chime is followed by a deeper tone with multiple notes, kind of a da da da da and the light will start blinking orange again.

I turned off my second network.

I've restarted the camera more times than I can count.

Tried setting up both cameras in the same room under the same conditions.

I've tried connecting with my PC, I Pad Pro, and I Phone.  Nothing seems to work.  

Anyone ever solved this issue?

Arlo Employee Retired

Hey willbarefoot,


When you said you restarted your camera, have you tried to do a factory reset? Hold the reset button on the side of your Arlo Q for about 10 seconds and you'll hear a click and the front LED will flash. From there, try to sync the camera again.

I have this exact same problem and have already done a factory reset and the issue remains...A second arlo I have works fine under the same conditions , is it a faulty camera ? It was previously ok ?
Arlo Employee Retired

Hi rwaldron21,


If you're still having problems after attempting a factory reset, please contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.