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ARLO-Q - adjust brightness?

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Installed a "Q"  at a remote site and it works fine. However, the equipment I am monitoring has a bright front panel display and at night when the other lights are off, the image is completely washed out (very dark room + bright display + Q that doesn't compensate = unreadable display (too bright)).


Night - dark background and bright display:


- When the IR light is on, the display is perfectly readable

- Sometimes the IR light stays on even when the display is on (must be at a threshold). At that time, the front panel display is perfectly readable.


- When the IR light is off, the display is totally unreadable


The Q is set to turn the IR light ON when needed but I can't find a way to "force it on". If I could, I would do so when I connect at night and be able to read the display of the device being monitored.


I tried to reduce the monitored display lighting by using layers of dark filters (like you use in cars), but it's not enough.


I can think of four options and I am posting this to see if there is something I can do with the Q itself.


Option 1 - Install a LED lamp that turns on whenever I access the camera (the site as an IP based AC power bar so I can turn the LED lamp on remotely). If it's bright enough it should let the aperture of the Q adjust properly so that the display is visible.


Option 2 - Modify the monitored device to reduce the lighting (which forces me to open the device and to physically modify the internal LED lighting)


Option3 - Find a way to MANUALLY turn ON the IR lamp on the Q (e.g. modify the Q so I can power the IR at will via an external power suply managed by the IP based power strip)


Option 4 - Install a stand alone LED based IR lamp (have one from my old "VuieZone"  system). By the way, I had no problems with the old wireless VueZone camera. The "Q" seems to have less flexibility aperture wise.

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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One thing I can think of you didn't mention if possible... move the Q back a bit so the light level ( which is at treshold now ) lowers ... it may solve  your problem.


As to the Vuezone IR flood, I'd used them and they work really well, esp as mentioned that you would be able to rmotely turn on/off.


I would have gone for the darken tint, but you tried that.

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