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arlo pro base unit off line

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thekidaz Follower

I am out of town and now today my cammeras are not connected to the base unit.

If my power goes out and then back on, will the base station automatically turn back on

and link up to my cameras again?

JPC Prodigy

If your camera was still recording when the power suddenly lost and no backup battery or anything, then yes, it will be offline and it needs your help or anyone physically to turn the system back on. Sometimes, you may need to resync those cams. Other than this, it should bring all system back on no problem. 

migman_2001 Luminary
As a general rule, after a power outage, the system should automatically come back online without any you needing to do anything. However, as we all know, things dont always work as expected.
Things that could go wrong beside an issue with Arlo not restarting is maybe your internet modem or router did not restart properly after the outage. All depends on you have things set up. Some people have used smart plugs to possibly restart things remotely. Those may or may not work depending on where the problem is or the type of smart plugs you use.
I get occasional power outages of anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes or more. It is rare that one of my internet connected or Arlo equipment doesn't come back online, but is has happened, and something requires a manual restart.
Guru TomMac Guru

As a PS... in remote locations, i recommend a UPS to over come short term power outages.

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Bayoubeast9 Aspirant
Anyone have a recommended smart plug for remotely resetting the Arlo base station. I have read a number of posts that list smart plugs as a solution, but given the fact that the smart plug needs to have a "reset to on" or some kind of prior reset memory feature, I havent been able to get that from tech specs on all the brands I've looked at. I know that a poster mentioned TP-Link, but nothing in their spec sheet.

If anyone has had any success with a product, I would appreciate a model number.

Many Thanks
Guru jguerdat Guru

Not quite sure what you're referring to.  Any Internet-connected switch such as a WeMo (that's the one I have - I'm sure there are othewrs) that can be accessed remotely to turn off and back on is all you need.  The whole point is to simply remove power from the base and then restore it to perform a power cycle as if you pulled the plug and then replaced it.


A different method is to use a UPS to supply power to your modem, router and base so power interruptions don't cause this issue in the first place.  Whether you also want to use a switch for the power connection to the base is up to you and what happens in your situation.