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What great spy cams they make. LandLady using Cameras to spy on me (RENTER) in her home

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Mr_UwantdAttntn Aspirant

Does anyone know if using the Netgear camera to spy on unsuspecting tenants in the landLady's house illegal in California. Never knew I was being video taped inside of the house, Never told of the existence of any cameras. found the Netgear router by accident, WiFi sweeps confirm there are unknown access to the network, but I just haven't linked the MAC address to whatever cameras Netgear uses. Can someone please give me a heads-up on identifying any of the netgear cams? I would like to confront her and ask why am I being video taped without my knowledge or permission inside a home i pay rent to live in. Talked about feeling violated, here is some of the crap these toys bring to others lifes. I could sure use your expertise in this matter.

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Spying on you is illegal. But, did you find a router or an Arlo Base station. If it is a router, then that might be just giving you internet access. An Arlo base station is a whole 'nuther ball game. I would ask the land lord what is going on.



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PS... also finding a base signal doesn't mean the cameras are looking at you...they could be n another apartment.

I can detect my bases out at the street. Also the cameras aren't really covert, they are large enough to find.


Most of the time, public places can be videoed... check the laws in CA.

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Mr_UwantdAttntn Aspirant

Thank you for getting back with me on this.  I found the arlo base unit.  I know she is video taping because she confronted me about looking in desk drawer in her livingroom.  I was the only one home then, and it was the only time I've even gone into the room.  I have confronted the Landlady and it was not a pretty or polite exchange.  I'm a 57 year old Mechanical Engineer working on a NASA/MARS project in San Diego, CA.  Qualcomm Communications engineers are also sharing the residence, looks like we will all be moving on, and reporting her to the authorities in the mean time.   Maybe someone might suggest a stronger warning on the Camera's about violating others privacy in the future.  I wonder if maybe she a Russian Spy??? lol  Maybe she's just interested in teflon/nickle coatings in outerspace, Heck is everyone? 

Mr_UwantdAttntn Aspirant

Thank you for your response to my question/concern.  I have yet to see an actual camera, maybe because I haven't searched that closely.  I do know she has accurate intell on my movements inside of the residence.  I was looking for a package delivered weeks earlier and never given to the person.  Guess I should have been more critical of her and the residence.  My work is guarded but not top secret.  I am working on putting Humans on Mars, but can't get past a darn SPY CAM.  Paranoia can get the better of some,  but to think anyone of us in that residence would steal,  Snap that would be most embarrassing.  But I was snooping.