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Very poor motion detection range

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  1. My Arlo pro only detects motion 10-15 feet from camera. Will the Pro 2 detect further? I want to point it towards the road which is about 100 feet away from where can conceal camera.

Do you have the motion sensitivity turned all the way up? With mine at 100% sensitivity I've had it pick up cars driving by, at 60 feet away, when the camera was inside my garage and the garage door open. I then repositioned the camera and turned the sensitivity down to 50% and now it picks up motion about 20-25 feet away. Make sure you have the camera mounted about 7 feet above the ground and pointed slightly down. Also position it so that motion comes across the camera, not directly at it. It picks up motion crossing its detection field better than motion coming straight at it. Also turn the sensitivity up.

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In addition, what are you trying to detect?  People or cars (you seem to imply cars)? As stated in all the various forms of literature, motion detection maxs out at about 25 feet for people. Cars can be detected quite a bit further out but that depends on how much IR is reflected from the sun so nighttime is out.  It's all based on IR strength and sensitivity settings in your modes but 100 feet for anything is very likely not gonna work.