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Using Local Storage through USB

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I have set up a local storage unit of ample size to store large amounts of data. As your website says, the Cloud only stores the last 7 days for free subscribers. Does that mean the local USB storage will only store 7 days worth as well or will it store all the videos from the first day it was installed? For Example, if I installed the USB device on 2/1/17 and the current date is 3/7/17, does the cloud store the last 7 days but the USB local device will store all the way back to 2/1/17?

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Arlo means on the Basic Level ( free ) it is 7 days of cloud storage...  On Day # 8, day # 1 is deleted from the servers....


But since you have a PRO unit, you can also plug into the usb port a drive/stick up to 2 TB of storage.  The videos are stored to the cloud AND the USB at the same time and on the USB device they are not deleted as such.


Mind that you can not access these mp4 files directly but eject the usb drive and then view them with a prgm that can read mp4 files

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