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Re: Upgrade offer to Yearly subscription Is this a scam?

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DDubbb Initiate

I got an offer on my cell phone to upgrade my subscription from monthly service to yearly service with four free months and $20 off of the regular $99 fee. I accepted the offer and was charged twice, once for the $79 price offered $80.19 ($99 - $25.36 credit + $ 6.55 taxes) $80.19  and then an additional $20.65 ($99- $86.47 credit +$8.12 taxes) with no mention of the four months free. I did not enter any billing info and my credit card was for both of these charges. I have been on customer service lines for at least an hour and can to the billing department to discuss, the customer support line has been busy for the last hour and email sent to arlo has bounced back.

DDubbb Initiate

Offer on the cell phone is legitamate, but billing was confusing. Customer service got it corrected. Not sure if the 4 free months applies to the premier account as well but I will wait until the settings have been updated before taking any further action.