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Two Way Audio Too Slow For Conversations

The two way audio from on the cameras is too slow and not live. It acts almost like a walkie talkie where only one person can be talking at a time. I've noticed when talking through the camera I can't hear anything until I stop talking. The problem is, once I'm done talking by the time audio comes back from the camera the person has already finished talking or is in the middle of talking so you miss it. Ring doorbell does a great job at two way audio where you can hear and talk at the same time so you never miss anything. 

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Two Way Audio Too Slow For Conversations

Hi @Dunndeal3,


Have you tried rebooting your Base Station and removing your battery from your Arlo camera and re-inserting it to see if that helps? Make sure your Base Station and your Arlo Pro is not too far away from each other.

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Re: Two Way Audio Too Slow For Conversations

I'll give that a try, although, it seems to be built that way that when I'm speaking through the camera that I won't be able to hear any audio from the camera until I release the talk (microphone) button. Is this true? 

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Two Way Audio Too Slow For Conversations

If the push-to-talk feature is slow, rebooting the Base Station or having the camera and Base Station may resolve the problem. When you use the push-to-talk feature, it will mute the audio from the camera to transmit your voice through the camera once pushed. 

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