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Troubleshooting Motion Detection

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Hello! I’m trying to troubleshoot motion detection and hoping someone could point me to the right direction.

My camera seems to not able to pick up motion or picks it up very slowly that it barely captured anything (see the video captured). It only starts picking up motion if a person gets really close to my front porch. It does not pick up anything if a person walks around to the side gate (where the green hedges are). I have motion detection set to 100% already. Strange thing is that it picks up motion from the garbage trucks on the street and starts recording.

Thank you!
Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru Guru

There was no video attached so we caan't see what you're describing.


Cars and trucks are big reflectors of the sun's IR. People detection only works to 20-25 feet and works best if motion is across the FOV, not directly at the camera. Post a screenshot for suggestions.

Sorry the video didn’t post.
I’m attaching a screenshot instead. Thank you!
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The position doesn't look bad at all. Are you setting the sensitivity in your modes? The setting in the Motion Detection test doesn't save - it's just a number to transfer to your modes.