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Suggestions for arming disarming alarm

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Denodan Tutor
Why dont they have face recognition to be able to arm/ disable alarm?

Seems impractical to set alarm by motion alone as everytime you dont want an ear pericing alarm going off.

Turning it on remotly is not the answer as you may well miss the inturder

Why not use face recogntion with your outside camera to turn on off alarm when not there.

Or have the Arlo Q inside camera being able to see motion and sound alarm but not have motion outside trigger your alarm. Seems an incomplete system.

A better way would be alarm only comes on when movement is detected inside your house, but outside cameras you can arm/disarm alarm by face recogtion.

Using a phone to arm/ disarm maybe geat for most, a person like my wife who does not own a cellphone, or want one being able to disarm by face recogtion would be great or at least like all alarms gives so many secs to get inside to turn alarms off as this can be turned off manually on basestation.

Most alarms if the keypad is inside give so many secs to turn it off.

This would make arlo the complete home security system and wonder why they never thought of this. That only inside cameras trigger the alarm with movement.
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Denodan Tutor
Just looked up ifttt and appears i can arm, disarm arlo by using my echo show, or alexa by voice command and been reading, if correct can have different cameras trigger either alarm or off, so should be possible to install a camera inside and if detects motion set arm off by insie camera only whereas movement outside wont trigger alarm but just notify me through phone without the base station alarm going and use alexa to disarm or set alarm by voice.

Is this possible?
Denodan Tutor
My aim is to use arlo as a full security system so an indoor camera i can arm, disarm by amazon alexa by voice, so for example step inside and say " alrxa trigger alexa off" turns off motion sensing and so turns off alarm at the same time.

Going to work, etc say " alexa trigger, turn on arlo and arms motion detection inside and if it detects inside movment the sounds alarm and records and noify me.

The outside camera will just detect motion and arlert me, record but not set alarm.

Think with the use of alexa. Have a fully alarm system so just inside my front door could turn alarm on and off by voice.

Got anothe camera on the way and allready have alexa arm disarm alro by voice on outside camera to try it out; so a matter of just changing inside camera in iffft.

Has anyone else got alexa and using it as a fully controlled alarm system with the pro?

Will make sure i get it right before having it turn alarm on off by seeing if by voice can arm disarm by voice first without alarm triggering.