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Solar panel error on cloudy days but usually fix itself overnight

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ysu Luminary

I have an Arlo solar panel connected to one of my 5 Arlo Pro cameras, because it’s high up near the gutter and I don’t want to climb up to change battery every few months.


In general it works fine but I do notice that, on cloudy days, it sometimes shows “charging fault” or “incomplatible charger” error. In most cases, the error will go away overnight if the next day is sunny.


It almost feels that this error only occurs on "cloudy but not too cloudy" days, where the panel hits the threshold of required amount of sunshine to work, so it falls into this borderzone. If it's very cloudy or raining day, no problem -- the panel will not charge, but no error. Sunny days no problem too -- it charges normally. Only on these "middle ground" stiuations. Just my unscientific observations.


Though in most cases it fixes itself overnight if next day is sunny, there were a few times I needed to climb up and unplug/plug the cable.


Is this a known issue? Does Arlo have plan to improve firmware on camera so it recovers better? I don't care if it doesn't charge for a few days, as long as it automatically recovers.



Guru jguerdat Guru

The usual suspect is moisture getting into oen or both of the connectors. The partly sunny day may be an issue with not enough sun to dry out the connection. remobe both ends, dry thoroughly and reconnect, taking GREAT pains to ensure full and complete connection. That will enable the seals to work properly.

Guru TomMac Guru

I would check to make sure the cable is in correctly and tight...also no water in port.


I didn't see this when not sunny, so would think not normal

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