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Smartthings and reported battery levels

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Toy4RickS Apprentice

I looked at the battery level this morning for just 1 camera

Arlo Web and Android app both say 51%

ST says 84%


Anyone know what’s going on here?

I have a Battery Reporting WebCore Piston which says everything is fine, until 2 of my Arlo batteries died on me


I posted in the ST forum, have a ticket open with ST support and it was suggested to post here as well


Thanks in advance


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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



If the Web client and Android app both indicate the same reading, it sounds like those are the most accurate.


You might try removing the Arlo cameras from Smartthings and go through the Arlo-Smartthings setup process again to see if refreshing provides a different result.



pc2k17 Hero

I see the same thing in SmartThings. Out of my 4 cameras only one reports the battery correctly in smarthtings. I beleive this is an issue with SmartThings. The app isn't updating connected device information in a timely manner or not at all. For example, the cameras of course, but also occationally one of my LIFX bulbs will go offline. You shut the light off at the switch and back on and it comes back online. Almost always, after the light is back online and I can control it in the LIFX app, smartthings still shows the light as offline. I usually have to force close the app or even reboot the phone for smarthtings to update the lights status. This started happening about 2 smartthings app updates ago.


I also have friends that report the same behavior with smartthings. Delayed updating or not at all. Hopefully ST sorts it out.