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Setting Up Geofencing On Certain Cameras

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Jagjag2 Aspirant

To set up a system with some cameras in armed mode and the others in geofencing mode, you will need two base stations. Currently, I have three outside cameras synced to one base station that stays in the armed mode 24/7. The other two inside cameras are synced to another base station that is set for geofencing. A base station can only run in one mode at a time. You can choose a mode for a base station, but you cannot set the mode for individual cameras. Rules can be applied to each camera, as what to do when they are triggered, but geofencing is not a rule, it’s a mode.

I named one of the base stations “Outside Cameras” and the other is named “Inside Cameras”. Originally, I had a three camera system, and was not able to set up my system with some cameras in different modes, so I bought another three camera system.  Currently, I am running five cameras with the sixth camera used as a spare. I may use it down the road, but for now I would like to stick with the free subscription plan that limits the system to five cameras.

Hope this helps.

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Master steve_t Master

It is unnecessary to have 2 base stations on two accounts if you configure your modes correctly, especially if one of your systems is armed full time. In Geofencing, you would have rules in both modes for the cameras that are active 24/7 and whether you're home or not, they would run 24/7

Jagjag2 Aspirant
Both base stations are set up on one account. That's how I wanted it set up. A base station runs only one mode at a time. Setting up two base stations on one account was quick and easy.
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