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Re: Schedule always skips Monday since 2.5.0 update

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Seems to be another weird thing since 2.5.0 update.


I had the same schedule for nearly a year and it worked fine: I have the system armed from midnight to 9AM every day.


But now I surprisingly found Monday is turned off for no reason. Then I re-check Monday and save, monday is still empty.


Anyone else seeing recurrent schedule being inconsistent?


See screenshot. I tapped Monday then save in fig 2, but monday still nothing... I even tried to modify the time from 12:00 to 12:05, but the old schedule (12-9) is stuck and monday is skipped...

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

I tried a few things and found a weird workaround:


1. Modify existing schedule to be 12:01AM - 9AM -- didn't work. Schedule stuck with 12-9 and monday skipped.


2. Remove existing schedule and add a new 12-9 for every day -- same problem: all days set except Monday.


3. Remove and add new 12:01-9AM schedule -- it works!


Looks like the engineers had a boundary condition bug that whole hours, maybe especially midnight, are not handled properly. How lame...


It looks like as long as I avoid whole hours around midnight (always do 11:59PM or 12:01AM), it seems to work.