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Schedule Mode: App vs Website

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So I noticed when I look at my schedule using the phone App, everything looks great. The times per day are accurate and recordings happen when they should.


However, when I look at my schedule on the Arlo website, several days have odd times, some days have NO armed periods at all when they should.


TLDR: Schedule is accurate in Phone App, wildly off on Arlo website.

Not sure if this will cause issues with using schedule mode or just a weird glitch on the website. Anyone else have this issue?


I am having the opposite problem. I cannot get the schedule mode to work correctly using iOS devices. On iOS, when I try to schedule a mode to take effect from 12:00 midnight to 9:00 am it sets for every day except Monday. Every time I try to add that schedule to Monday, it does not show up. If I set the Monday schedule for 12:01 am to 9:00 am, it does show up.

Additionally, the mode does not change at 9:00 am on any day if I check it on my iOS devices. It stays in the mode that was set for midnight to 9:00. Eventually, it does change at some random time as much as 2 hours later.

I discovered today that neither of these problems exist on the web site, so I have to assume it is a problem with the iOS app. 

I have the latest (updated a few days ago) version of the base station firmware and the iOS app.