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Replace face of camera

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Went to install a new camera using the screw security mount. It didn't anchor as securely as I thought and loosened when I was positioning the camera.... And my camera fell and landed on cement from quite a distance.

Surprisingly the camera is operating and only sustained a crack in the plastic in the lower half of the face.

Does anyone know if I can buy a new face?
What's behind this section of the face? I don't want to seal it with something that might obstruct sensors or the mic. I haven't found a schematic or diagram for the camera showing what's contained there.

I used the security mount because I thought it'd be more secure... Really surprised how easy the security mount is to detach the camera from.

I am pretty disappointed my First camera I put up, and Of course it was way up on the roof.
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Behind the lower part of the face is the PIR motion sensor. You don't want to cover that up. Contact Support and see what they can do as far as replacing the face goes but I wouldn't think it's user replaceable. Could you claim on your insurance?

The security mount is very secure for me though I can see how what happened to you happened as lining up the camera and the mount square on is a little tricky when it's not right in front of you


IMO the threads are not deep enough. To secure it well you really need to twist the mount into the cam all the way then tighten the lock nut. Also this should be done with the part of the mount detatched from the base. You then tighten it in later and can adjust it like that. IMO just call them and tell them the mount failed on you and you are making a warranty claim. NG doesn't provide adequate instructions on how to secure the cam to the mount IMO. Only after a lot of thought can one think up a safe way to mount the cam. There should be instructions give the short threaded part on the cam.

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera