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Reality check for existing customers angry about the new "Pro" model...

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So there's a new "Pro" model. And yes, people are angry about it (including myself, initially) - because it adds features we've been requesting for ages. 


I also felt frustrated when I first read about it - having just extended my system a few months ago. 


The Pro model can do lots of fancy stuff I always wanted for my "old" Arlos - record locally, have a wired connetion, have out-of-the box rechargeable batteries. 


So yes, I was initially angry (especially about the local recording feature). 



But then I realised - hey, my old Arlos are not redundant just because there's a new "pro" version out. In fact, I was quite happy with them until now (okay, with room for improvement), that's why I chose the system initially and that's why I extended it over time. And I found ways to work around stuff like the batteries.


Of all the new features, I honestly only "need" the local storage functionality...

wired? meh, I started using rechargeable batteries early on and have them for all my arlos. 

two-way audio? meh, potentially at the front door, but there I have another solution already.

wider angle? meh, currently it's just fine.

siren? jesus, I wouldn't even want that. That's what our alarm system is for.



So at the end of the day - yes, I might upgrade the base station because of the local storage, but as everything I was happy with (my old Arlos and Q's) can still be used - I'm not mad. 


Heck, that's how tech stuff (and businesses) work - every now and then, there's a new model that can do more than what you currently have, and it doesn't come free. 


So what?


I pay apple a few grand every few months for new iphones, ipads and whatnot. Am I mad? no. 


So at the end of the day - 


YES, I would love to see a software upgrade path for the stuff that CAN be done via software (= recording locally through USB fro the "old" bases).

YES, I would love to see a trade-in program because I only recently bought a new base station.


But as I can still use all my old cams - no reason to be mad at Arlo/Netgear, really.


Just my 2 ct 😉


I agree with much of what you have said. New tech always comes along and it is usually better than the previous generation. New features which rely on new hardware are fair enough. Netgear also get some Kudos for making the two systems cross-compatible.


But the galling thing here is the exclusivity of the local storage feature. They clearly have the firmware to do this and we have unused USB ports on our base stations. There was clearly an intention to do something with these USB ports. What happend to those plans?

Arlo Pro 2 - Because free is best.