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I had a hole  container of flower I just grew  (plastic_Tub, from Rubbermaid) stolen from my garage, & the guy that did it erased several hours of footage from the camera facing the only way he could safely gotten away without getting cought leaving with the Rubbermaid container in his arm. O By The way I could see who filled the Rubbermaid container up with my freshly curred flower I just grew 1 month from a previous. I nee to retrieve the footage of the front door...the same footage that filmed him leaving my property with the flower ( roughly 1Lb was taken.  I want the erased footage from the evening of  27 th from 6 Pm to 10 Pm thank you in advanced for your help..

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Re: deleted option

This is a user to user forum. No one here has the ability to do anything with your videos. Also, there is no way at all a thief can "erase several hours of footage", unless he hacked your account. (if he could do that he'd be hacking not stealing flour).


When you're looking in your library make sure you don't have any filters turned on that would filter out the video you're looking for. Note: on the basic plan videos are only saved for 7 days.

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