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Polar Vortex Temps & Cameras

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ksss11 Luminary

Should we take down our cameras if wind chill is to be -20 to -40? We know they wont be recording anyway at that temp.

We are afraid the insides will be damaged with 3 days of this weather to happen this week. 

Anyone from Arlo know if we should?

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Guru TomMac Guru

Wind chill effects people not objects... to the camera , it's the actual temp.

Mine have been out in weather to -10F and no issues... the newer Pro/Pro2 will stop at about -4F but when warmed up will return to functioning operation without damage ( also you can't charge them below freezing  as it is bad for the battery )

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ksss11 Luminary

Thanks. We just dont want neighbor knowing they arent recording if we take them down, so we wanted to leave them out even though we know they'll not be recording. We usually take them down and change the battery when needed.