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Only one charger for two cameras

As much as Arlo's cameras cost, I think they could include a charger for each one in a two-camera system. Since they don't, I thought I'd use one of my own. None of my other ones work. So if I don't want to take twice as long to charge two cameras, I have to buy a $15.00 charger from Arlo. 

So no question here, just the hope that if their reps read these messages and other people complain about this, maybe they'll pony up and provide a charger for each camera.

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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

You should use an Arlo charger but if you really don't want to, you'll need a Qualcomm 3.0 compliant charger eg Samsung fast charger. These chargers will output 5V but when they detect compatible hardware, they output 9V. The Arlo Pro cameras need 9V to charge.

I guess if they included 2x chargers and raised the price of the kits by $15, people would complain about the cost of the kits and that they don't need 2 chargers if they only recharge one camera at a time. Easier just to buy what suits your needs

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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

Having to buy a Samsung charger is no easier or better option than having to buy an Arlo/Netgear charger. No, I think it would be easier to open the Arlo box and find two chargers. We all know that companies overcharge for such equipment than bears their name. So let them add, what, $5 to the price of the cameras?

I'm still not convinced that the price for the whole set isn't on the high side and couldn't include a second charger, though. I bought these because I was in a hurry to get security cameras up before I left town a few weeks ago because of recent burglaries. It was because of the time constraints that I bought wireless cameras; I didn't have time to set up wired cameras before I left. So I didn't have time to closely check out all the possibilities, but I do know that these are more expensive than the other ones that I saw at places like Best Buy.

I'll also note here that I am disappointed somewhat by the performance of the software. It is really annoying to have to manually activate the cameras when I leave and deactivate when I come home, but I have to do that because the geofencing is unreliable. Sometimes it never activates the cameras after I leave. Sometimes I can be three or four miles away before it activates. And sometimes when I come home, it doesn't deactivate them. In addition to that is what I think is rather slow notification. It can take 15 to 20 seconds before I get a notification on my phone. If I have the cameras on overnight while I'm home, a skilled burglar could be inside the house before I would know that he or she is at the back door. Of course I can spend another $185 for a third camera to put inside the house, but I'm still reeling a bit from what I've already shelled out.
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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

Your cameras battery will discharge at different rates depending on how much they are used. You will most likely never have to charge them at the same time. I have 5 and have never had the need to charge two at once. I also have 3 chargers and 2 of them are still in the boxes. Also remember some kits are 6 cameras, adding 6 chargers would increase the price quite a bit.


The pricing on these cameras are comparable to other wireless cameras on the market. Some have more or less features. If you went with a POV wired system with quality cameras like axis, your looking at $2000 easy, more if you want more cameras. (unless you wire your home yourself)


Arlo isn't the only system with geofencing issue. I have 3 iOT systems that have geofencing capabilites and none of them work consistently. Geofencing is a flawed technology, based on using cell tower triangulation, which isn't very accurate. Geofencing is not GPS based. Plus add in the "heartbeat" systems in android and iOS which cause delays as well and geofencing just isn't consistent. That said there are a number of ways to get your arlo to chnage modes based on location or a number of other factors. I currently have Arlo connected to SmartThings. With smartthings I have an arrival sensor that detects when I'm home or away. It's linked to the smartthings base. When it detects I'm home or away, smarthtings will turn on my cameras and using Arlo Pilot will automatically change the arlo mode. Mine is 100% automated, so it can be done, you just have to research it. Arlo cameras are first iOT (internet of things) devices and second security cameras. iOT devices are in their infant stage of developement and sometimes you have to connect several systems together to get everything to work the way you like it to.


Slow notifications are most likely related to android if you have that, or your carrier and how overloaded the tower is that your connected to. Nothing to be done about that. Best thing to do to protect your home properly is to get a real security system that monitors every door and window, glass breaking, and motion and have it monitored by an outside company. Simplisafe or ADT are great choices. IMHO, iOT cameras by themselves are not a security system, they are meant to augment a full home security system.

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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

I don't want to belabor the point, so I'll just respond to a couple of things here. First, when I checked my camera batteries yesterday, one was at 21% and the other was about 33%. To me that called for charging them both. Second, a quick search on the internet brought up a few articles about geofencing that disagree with you about how they work. Each one I read said that they used cell data or wifi or GPS. I'm not doubting that the technology is in its infancy, but its resources are broader than simply cell towers. Third, if you need to have a whole house security system, then I couldn't see spending the extra money for the cameras. If the latter just does what it claims it can do, that would be sufficient for me.

And with this I'll wrap up this thread. I hope Arlo will consider adding a charger in the two camera systems and continue to work on the software.
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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

P. S. About geofencing, I don't know what technology Arlo uses. Its veofencing will turn on whether I have my location set to Wi-Fi/cell towers or GPS or all the above.
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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

The Arlo batteries, like others, have a finite number of times you can charge them before you need new batteries. The system will alert you when your battery is 15% or below by push notification and email. You should hold off as long as possible to charge your batteries because every charge brings them closer to end of life. Charge batteries at about 10%, which means you'll probably charge them at different times if your 12% apart now.


Geofencing can use GPS........ Arlo and smartthings does not implement it, most don't. 1 - GPS is a battery hog and 2 - you need to have your own sattelite or use someone elses and that is a significant cost.


A whole home security system does much more than just sound an alarm, it monitors for break ins, monitors for water leaks, and monitors for fire and CO2. A monitored system will call the police or fire automatically for you. Cameras can't do that, and don't protect against anything other than potential intruders. A full whole home security system will deter intruders, but if they do break it will sound an alarm and call the police. No need for you to look at a video to see why you got a notification, and then call the police yourself, it's all automatic, saving valuable seconds/minutes. Then, adding a camera system allows you to then capture the intruder on camera to provide to police or court if needed. The two work hand in hand. Each will "work" alone, but together you have protection, auto calls to authorities, video, and piece of mind if one system goes down for any reason that you have another protecting you.


One thing I also do is use a RAV Power battery charging pack to charge my outside cameras in place. No need to take them down. This battery charging pack supports QC 3.0. This is always another option to use a second charger.

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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

I do agree that the more cameras offered in a package like 3 or more... There should be at least a couple of those cable/adapter included or maybe one charging station.. For 2-cameras, 1 is enough.. This wasn't really an issue before until the series of failed firmware/App/integration of new product updates came in and ruin the hardware itself and now we all suffer for who knows when it gets fixed AGAIN... 

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Re: Only one charger for two cameras

Regarding optimum charging time for Li-ion batteries, this is a light shedding article:



(NMC / LiPO4)

Table 2: Cycle life as a function of
depth of discharge.* A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life, so does a partial charge. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.


Note: 100% DoD is a full cycle; 10% is very brief. Cycling in mid-state-of-charge would have best longevity.

Depth of discharge         Discharge cycles

100% DoD ~300 / 600
80% DoD ~400 / 900
60% DoD ~600 / 1,500
40% DoD ~1,000 / 3,000
20% DoD ~2,000 / 9,000
10% DoD ~6,000 / 15,000

Note: 100% DoD is a full cycle; 10% is very brief. Cycling in mid-state-of-charge would have best longevity.

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